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  Posted by James Brierton
  July - 22 - 2012 2 Comments streaming service going “off-air”

Dear Loyal Listener, General Manager James Brierton (front) with Web master Andrew Natoli (back center) and on-air personalities Nanci Hammer and Alejandra Gomez (left and right). (Photo Courtesy: S. Pfost / Newsday)

For the past six and a half years has been redefining how news is delivered in Smithtown. Throughout that time the services provided across our live stream, Web site and social media have been the hardworking efforts of student volunteers. Folks not looking to make a dime but rather looking to learn the trade that is broadcast journalism while pushing the boundaries of how the news is delivered.

When we started the word “streaming” was new to almost everyone. And the idea of a hyper-local news Web site was still years from being the cool thing to do.

When signed on-the-air January 1, 2006 from the North Tower of Smithtown High School East in St. James the iPod still had a navigation wheel. The idea of streaming your favorite radio or tv station on-the-go was nothing but a dream.

It was at this time we at turned to the Internet as a place to learn the trade while also finding new ways to serve the community. And over that time we have felt the strain that is maintaining the balance between work and life. Maintaining programming 24-hours a day for half a decade is no easy task but it has been a labor of love.

At 11:59 on Friday, July 27 will be placing its live streaming services on an official hiatus. The decision was not reached easily and is not the result of a lack of interest among staffers or listeners. Rather, our executive staff has had to make a difficult call when it comes to balancing work and personal obligations.

The demands of academia for many of our staffers in the coming months will be difficult but critical for many of our staff which are entering their final college courses. We have decided that it only makes sense to dedicate as much of our attention to these final months in school.

We understand this decision affects you the listener. And for that we ask for your patience. We understand that this absence leaves a void in the ever-growing landscape of news in our community.

We can only hope that if a day comes where it is appropriate for us to return to full services that we can bring you an even bigger and better product. There is so much left we want to do and a post-school, real-world environment would be the place to do it. But first we must get there.

So while our live stream goes “off-air,” we invite you to continue in on the conversation on Facebook and Twitter. These social media platforms have traditionally been the place we have broken Smithtown news first and we look to continue that during this transitional period. And as always, we thank you for your continued support of This station would not have grown into what it is today without your encouragement and loyalty.

James Brierton
General Manager

  • Franki

    You guys all have such bright futures. Its a sad day but also a new beginning. So glad I got to know you!

  • Don

    Your accomplishments are impressive and appreciated.  We have all enjoyed
     Best of luck with future projects

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